littleprincez (littleprincez) wrote in loose_socks,


wow!! just found this community. so there are more people loving loose socks as madly as i do. yay! *bounces*

anyways! i have a question since i've got problem with my loose socks. i just got them a few months ago with one little problem: they are too wide. yes, i 'know' they are called loose socks but...they will always slide down my legs and i can't make nothing to keep them up so it looks nice instead like i'd have a thick ring around my ankles. argh, i hope you know what i mean? my legs are really skinny so i wonder if any of you had any suggestions other than wearing four pairs of socks under it *laughs* still...everytime i walk a few steps they are down all the way again. *cries*

do you think washing a bit more hot than supposed will make them shrink a little so they might become a bit less wide?

(btw: mine are the 120cm long ones...if that helps)

i hope some of you have the same experiences or can help me. if you need pics...ask. ^__^ thanks in advance and nice to meet you all!!

*waves* baibaiii
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