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new [18 Jun 2006|12:05am]

wow!! just found this community. so there are more people loving loose socks as madly as i do. yay! *bounces*

anyways! i have a question since i've got problem with my loose socks. i just got them a few months ago with one little problem: they are too wide. yes, i 'know' they are called loose socks but...they will always slide down my legs and i can't make nothing to keep them up so it looks nice instead like i'd have a thick ring around my ankles. argh, i hope you know what i mean? my legs are really skinny so i wonder if any of you had any suggestions other than wearing four pairs of socks under it *laughs* still...everytime i walk a few steps they are down all the way again. *cries*

do you think washing a bit more hot than supposed will make them shrink a little so they might become a bit less wide?

(btw: mine are the 120cm long ones...if that helps)

i hope some of you have the same experiences or can help me. if you need pics...ask. ^__^ thanks in advance and nice to meet you all!!

*waves* baibaiii
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[10 Feb 2006|09:15am]

Well since I took this pic, I thought i'd share it here to demonstrate the differences in sock size.. on the right is a 120 cm 6ft. and on the right is a 70cm. Then there are some striped socks and black legwarmers..

Read more...Collapse )
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Loose socks gone mainstream?? [06 Jan 2006|02:00am]
[ mood | the wheels are turning ]

Wouldn't it be weird if loose socks became popular in the western world? The other day I went to the mall and saw loose socks on sale in a perfectly normal western store that sells accessories. The tag thing was in English had a picture of an anime girl wearing loose socks and looking all cutesy. There was nothing else that was Japanese in the store, so I thought it was a bit strange. But I bought them anyway. :P Which really got me thinking about whether or not loose socks will be popular or not. I don't know about you guys, but I think it'd be pretty cool... OMG!! I just got a weird mental picture of Paris Hilton wearing loose socks. O___o Bwahaha!!

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J FASHION MAGAZINES! ganguro egg kogal. . .^^ [02 Dec 2005|02:19am]

crossposted everywhere. . .dear mods of communities if i make an error or violate a rules please let me know and ill fix it^^ thank you!~namie

Due to my recent medical conditions and lack of insurance I need to raise money for my medical needs so I am forced to start selling my fashion magazines and gyaru stuffs.
Tonight I start with my magazines. Tomorrow I will list gyaru stuffs.
All of these are fashion magazines except iMode which is mobile phones.

If you are interested in the condition or images please let me know.
If you are curious how I am as a seller, check my Ebay feedback [note: this is shared with other family members, but we have no negatives!] http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=buriteri&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS
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Message from the Mod [23 Oct 2005|09:54pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hay everyone, it's been a long, long, long time. Yep..I'm the moderator of this community. I had no idea it would have taken off like it did..wowowow~ Bad news though, I definitely forgot the password to control it so I'm going to have to do some investigating. Hopefully I can get this community back into gear again! All is not lost!

- Rinny

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j-fashion forums [11 Aug 2005|02:22pm]

I have just started some forums that needs all of your attention! they are dedicated to JAPANESE FASHION!


Please register and join the forums! I am trying to bring all the j-fashion fashion comm's on LJ together without messing up LJ comms. So I thought forums would be the best idea!

You can talk fashion, culture, and anything. Music and such also :D

I hope you all consider joining and that you enjoy it!!
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New here. ;D [22 Jul 2005|05:04pm]

[ mood | Lazy. xD ]

Hey! Im new here my name is Adele and I'm 14. n_n;

I dont have any loose socks but Im getting some soon. =3 I want make..100 cm? Or less. x3
Accually any would be awesome. =D
Hmm...At a nearby mall theres this authentic oriental shop. They sell kimono's, Inch high boots and stuff so why not loose socks? :3 They better. -growl.-

I doupt it- Well sort of- But anyone watched the Anime superGALS? n_n They name is in my opinion childish but it an awesome anime.

So is there any 'Joining registrations'? :o Like alot of Clubs.. xD
If not it's cool. :3

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[26 Jun 2005|09:18pm]

Are there loose socks for sale in China? I heard that Chinese teenagers copy Korean & Japanese fashion, and I was wondering if loose socks could be found there.
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[09 May 2005|04:40pm]

So, since I've been talking about mega mega loose socks... and I know nothing about sewing .. is it possible to make (if you were going to make your own) them without a seam up the side ?

I'm thinking about going huge, like 200 cm! ^-^ lol
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150 cm [06 May 2005|12:52am]

Get your 150 cm socks here.
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Here are my socks [03 May 2005|01:23am]

I have two pair of 120 cm and 2 pair of 100 cm, so I double them to achieve this look...Collapse )
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[02 May 2005|12:21am]


I just started a gyaru MySpace group, for you gals on myspace.com, so please join!
If you aren't a member yet, it is free, so please join if you can!

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[30 Apr 2005|12:12pm]

Attention fellow gals!

Next Saturday [May seventh] is the John Muir Flea Market. If you live in the Santa Monica/Venice/Marina Del Rey/etc. area, please comment for directions on how to get there! It is usually frequented by booths selling
-Turquoise jewelry
-Used early nineties[American] clothes that could be considered ko-gal- ex- skirts, boots, jewelry
-Japanese booths with paper fans and parasols

lalala... x-posted...everywhere.
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[14 Apr 2005|02:07pm]

Hey Everyone. I was just wondering is thing a community to post only loose socks? Or many japanese things? Because if its the latter then I have way more stuff I can post about (clothes, comics, films etc)

Just wondering. ^__^
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[13 Apr 2005|06:20pm]


My Loose socks arrived today! They're 100cm.


couple moreCollapse )

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[04 Apr 2005|12:54am]

Hi, this is Layla.

maliciouspuppet recently posted in ganguroabout organizing a Ganguro get-together for L.A. Gals and Sentaa. If you live in the L.A. area, and are interested, please post your AIM address. I recommend AIM because it is VERY easy to obtain, and if you don't want to DLoad it, you can create a screen name and use AIM Express, which is an internet browser with AIM, but doesn't DLoad it to your computer.

Also, please try to tell your gal/sentaa friends ONLINE about it and spread the word! I ask that you don't try to bring friends, because it might end up with people hanging out with their friends and not each other.

The idea is that everyone meets at Little Tokyo in their ganguro/gal/sentaa/kogal/manba/etc getup, plays DDR, PPP, DanceManiax, and other games at Japan Arcade, eat Boba and Japanese food, and GO SHOPPING!


x-posted to gyaru, kogals, sexystylishgal, ganguro
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[03 Apr 2005|07:00pm]


I just created a community for posting pictures and meeting up with other gyaru, so please come and join!



PS: this isn't met as a rival community- may I add ganguro as a sister community?

xposted: ganguro, kogals, sexystylishgal
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[22 Mar 2005|04:43pm]

Hello! Im new to the Loose Socks community! In Japan does it cost like over 2000 Yen for a pair of loose socks? Because on the internet they charge quite a bit. And I was wondering if it is cheaper in like the stores in Japan. Thanks!
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[21 Mar 2005|11:50am]

Hi can anyone help me? I badly want a pair of loose socks and I ordered some from Jlist last October but they never came! My sister e-mailed them and told them we never received them and they said they would send out another pair but we never got those either. Well I've kind of given up waiting now but I still badly want a pair!
Does anyone know anywhere else I can buy some? Or does anybody live or know someone who lives in Japan and would be able to send me a pair? I can pay you or maybe trade something that I can buy here (UK)
Thanks for any help anyone can give me!
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[10 Mar 2005|09:56pm]

This is a picture I did for my design class last semester. I finally found and scanned it [behind the cut 'cause it's BIG.] so I'm sooo happy.

five hundred points to whomever finds the secret first!Collapse )
Not to be a ho, but if you DO like my art, comment on my latest entry if you want something cool cool.

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