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New here. ;D

Hey! Im new here my name is Adele and I'm 14. n_n;

I dont have any loose socks but Im getting some soon. =3 I want make..100 cm? Or less. x3
Accually any would be awesome. =D
Hmm...At a nearby mall theres this authentic oriental shop. They sell kimono's, Inch high boots and stuff so why not loose socks? :3 They better. -growl.-

I doupt it- Well sort of- But anyone watched the Anime superGALS? n_n They name is in my opinion childish but it an awesome anime.

So is there any 'Joining registrations'? :o Like alot of Clubs.. xD
If not it's cool. :3
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none, you show up and talk! it's pretty quiet around here.. But im loose socks addicted so feel free to talk to me! I've had to order mine from as I havent seen any in any stores.. :/ I had one pair of 70 cm and one of 120 cm. I'd like to get the biggest I can lol or cut the top off of one 120cm and sew it to the top of another 120 cm sock! haha..



August 3 2005, 22:09:29 UTC 12 years ago

hey!!!!!!!!!!!i love super gals omg it is so awesome like holy sh*t yes i love this show i have all they dvds they have out and ran is so awesome this show got me in to the whole kogal thing and now im like obsessed but its great to find someone else who likes it!
sorry i wasnt logged in